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We have clear, comprehensive and accessible rules which govern, among others, the listing of issuers and products on our markets, and the obligations of the issuers post-listing, the trading, clearing and settlement of our products, the admission and post admission obligations of our participants.


Listing Requirements

FAQs: General

For the purpose of all the Questions and Answers issued by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, unless the context otherwise requires, the words and expressions defined in the "Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad Main Market Listing Requirements" and "Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ACE Market Listing Requirements" respectively (collectively "Listing Requirements"), when used in the Questions and Answers, have the meanings given in the said Listing Requirements, and –

"ACE LR" means Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ACE Market Listing Requirements;

"Bursa Securities" means Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad; and

"Main LR" means Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad Main Market Listing Requirements.

The Questions and Answers illustrate and clarify the relevant provisions under the Listing Requirements. They are issued to aid listed issuers' understanding and compliance with the Listing Requirements.

A user of the Questions and Answers should always read the Questions and Answers together with the Listing Requirements and, where necessary, seek qualified professional advice. These Questions and Answers are not a substitute for the Listing Requirements or the professional advice.

In formulating the "Answers", we have in some cases assumed certain underlying facts, summarised the relevant provisions of the Listing Requirements or concentrated on one particular aspect of the question as the focal point of the issue. The "Answers" should therefore not be construed as being definitive and applicable to all cases where the scenario may appear to be similar. In any given case, a listed issuer must assess all the relevant facts and circumstances in complying with the Listing Requirements.

The Listing Division of Bursa Securities is available for consultation where interpretation or clarification of the Listing Requirements is required. Listed issuers and practitioners are welcome to contact Bursa Securities' Listing Division should they have any query on the Listing Requirements.