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Learn how to invest in the securities market. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find useful information, tips and ideas on investing in this section.

Buying and Selling Stocks

Investing Basics

Buying and Selling Stocks

The thought of buying and selling stocks can seem daunting for a beginner but it is quite simple and will grow on you quite quickly once you have some practice. One essential thing to know is that you must go through a broker to buy and sell stocks, only a licensed broker can deal directly with the stock market.

Engaging a Broker

Aside from making the purchases, a broker can also advise you on your purchases. However, you should not depend on them for market knowledge, you must do your own research to succeed in the market.

Click here for a list of brokers. Alternatively, you could look around for recommendations from friends.

Buying and Selling Online

Online brokers generally take less commission than other brokers, making online trading a more profitable alternative. Online trading does not come with expert advice but does normally come with live market updates so you can keep track of your purchases online and become an expert yourself.

Buying and Selling Online